Mission Statement

Encouraging young leaders from 15 pre-selected California Colleges and Universities to undertake a high-impact project in public service or social change in their junior or senior year.

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Strauss Scholar Spotlight

Leslie Lang

'05 Scholars Team Up 4 Health

Upon returning to the Bay Area after spending six years on the East Coast, one of the first items on my to-do list was to get in touch with the UC Berkeley Students who were running the Social Welfare Language Program I had started with my Strauss Scholarship back in 2005.

Strauss News

12 Projects Selected for 2015

The Strauss Foundation funded twelve projects, two of them teams of two, resulting in fourteen Strauss Scholars. 





Sam Stone (’09 Scholar, Stanford, pictured left) is working in technology investing at TPG Capital in San Francisco. He remains interested in Russia, where he went as a Fulbright Scholar after graduating, and is still involved in organizing US-Russia exchange programs. He is Chair of the Young Professional Advisory Committee at the Open World Leadership Center and is an advisor to the Stanford US-Russia Forum, an organization he founded with the help of his Strauss award…Devra Bachrach Wang (’99 Scholar, UCB) recently joined the Energy Foundation as a Program Director working on advancing energy efficiency and clean energy in the U.S. It supports an extensive network of organizations and advocates around the country that are advancing policies to support a clean energy future…Adrienne Tygenhoff (’05 Scholar, LMU) works at the U.S. embassy in Dakar, Senegal. She and her husband, who is also a Foreign Service officer, have one more year there…Chris Faist (’00 Scholar, UCSB) is a middle school science teacher in San Diego. In his free time, he does educational presentations at the Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla. Using underwater communication technology, he explains the underwater environment to visitors while SCUBA diving in the Kelp Tank, a 70,000 gallon kelp forest exhibit. This is much like the original program that he developed for the Sea Center near UC Santa Barbara, for his Strauss project…Rodrigo Ranero (’13 Scholar, Pomona) is enrolled in a Master’s program in Linguistics at Downing College, Cambridge, England…Sara Estevez (’12 Scholar, Scripps) is doing a MSc in Organizational Psychiatry and Psychology at King’s College, London…Brian McInnis (’05, Scholar, UCD) is a second year PhD student in Information Science, part of the Engineering Department at Cornell University. His area of research is team dynamics through highly distributed crowd work, which he says is a nice mix of sociology and technology…Alex Quick (’05 Scholar, UCSD) just finished his residency at Stanford in Anesthesiology. His organization, Donor Dudes is now part of the ChrisKlugFoundation.org…Vivek Mehta (’05 Scholar, UCI) is in his fourth of seven years of neurosurgery training at USC…Christina Weed (’12 Scholar, LMU) , Anelah McGinness (’12 Scholar, UCSD), Katherine Tsai (’13 Scholar, UCR) are in Medical School, and Oren Ofer (’09 Scholar, UCSB) is in Veterinary School…Anna Diaz (’13 Scholar, LMU, pictured right) is an accountant with Ernst and Young in San Francisco…Eli Winkelman (’06 Scholar, Scripps) celebrated the 10th Anniversary of her organization, ChallahForHunger.org…

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