Former Foundation Trustees


Harrison Stephens (1997-2000)

Founding Trustee, whose historical perspective and insights assured that Don’s true vision would  be represented in the Scholarship marketplace.

Frank Newman, PhD (1997-2004)

Founding Chair, whose leadership, wisdom, humor and unmatched experience as a force in higher education for 30 years contributed immeasurably to the growth and early success of the Strauss Foundation.

Jack Hart (1998-2004)

A knowledgeable Trustee, who contributed valuable input and sound advice.

Thomas Henderson, LLB (1997-2008)

Founding Trustee, instrumental in assisting Dorothy set-up the Foundation--helping her achieve her vision and navigate the tricky legal terrain involved--and, throughout his tenure, served as a sage advisor.

Martha Newkirk, Ph.D. (1997-2009)

Selected by Dorothy as one of the original Trustees, Martha served for nearly a dozen years, quietly yet powerfully contributing to the growth, success and prominence of the Foundation.

Joseph N. Bell (2004-2009)

One of Don Strauss' closest friends, he contributed to the Foundation in myriad ways, including his keen insights, wry humor and eloquent writing.

James E. Stofan (2004-2017)

A trusted friend of Dorothy’s whose expertise and creativity were a monumental contribution to the Foundation.

Elizabeth (Liz) A. Toomey (2011-2017)

A veteran lobbyist and tireless traveler, she reached out to administrators, students and Scholars to promote the mission of the Foundation.



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